Friday, June 16, 2006


Service, Courtesy, Protection

This is the motto of the Kansas State Highway Patrol. It sounds pretty good, almost warm and fuzzy when you think about it. However last weekend the Kansas Highway Patrol had anything but courtesy as it illegally profiled out of state drivers coming into the festival. Formal complaints need to be filed by those who were subject to dubious law enforcement practices at the checkpoint which was located at the I-70 and K-10 exit. If you are wondering who exactly is responsible for the checkpoint this appeared in the Lawrence Journal-World today:

Could you please tell us the name, the position and the superior of the person who made the decision for the Kansas Highway Patrol to search cars for the Wakarusa Festival?

Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. John Eickhorn said there’s not just one person who made the decision and planned the checkpoint. “We do have a superintendent (Col. William Seck) who’s in charge of the whole agency,” Eickhorn said. “We all act on behalf of the highway patrol and work for him. ... It just wasn’t really one person.”

Therefore if it is not just one person then complaints need to be directed to the agency as a whole. If you were unduly harassed at this checkpoint then you need to file a formal complaint with the KHP. Emails will not be accepted for this so you need to write a formal letter or call. Here is the contact info:

Captain Robert D. Ladner

122 S.W. 7th
Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 296-6800

Please be courteous in your correspondance with Cpt. Ladner and please let us know what sort of response you receive.

You can find out more information about the formal complaint process here.

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